Rebekah Higgins Contemporary Sacred Artist
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Despite what you may see, most artists don't do only one thing, one way, at least this one doesn't. While I am always focused on a specific series or two, I have and continue to make many different types of work. I make art like I did design, creating packages with the style, material etc best suited for the subject. I also run a lot of experiments that are simply meant for study. When viewed as an entire body of work you will see that it has cohesion and distinctive threads throughout, but it may require some context to do so.

While designers like to showcase their diversity, it seems to be a requirement of fine artists to present, the key work here being present, cohesive looking bodies of work that can be categorized if we are to sell, market or apply for funding, so you don't often see anything outside the box shown. I haven't fully adjusted from being a visual problem solver to being a style, perhaps I never will. So, I will show you:)

I always have a number of works going at one time, it's just how I have to work. Sometimes they are thematically linked, sometimes not. Some make it to a finish and some stay in my mental idealand. I love process and study and ideation more than anything else, it's what I like to look at and so I thought others might also? For the sake of brevity, I will show one or two pieces from each series. Enjoy.

“Typographic illustrations”
Hand drawn Spencerian letter forms finalized with digital tools. They are intentionally irregular with letters hand altered so no two are exactly the same. While as a designer I have salivated over the clean refinement of digital work environments I also love drawing and the tactile feel of traditional mediums. While an artist never loses their eye on the computer, sometimes they lose their hand. It has been an ever evolving process for me to marry my hand skills and my computer geekdom. (It seems that this hand drawn type thing I’ve been doing for years has gotten all trendy like, damn).

Conceptualized during meditative and dream states they represent a whimsical notion of what might happen, evolutionary speaking, as a result of long-term exposures of living creatures to the cheap plastic junk from superstores. They are large-scale pieces made through an iterative, layered process of analytical drawing, painting, digital colorization, then painting and drawing again. A colleague of mine describes these works as “very skilly.” I have 2 of these completed, 2 in process and ultimately plan to make 10. They require humor, technical acumen and large chunks of time to complete.

“Shelter Babies and Former Street Kids”

This current series of 2.5”x3.5” works were born out of the sketchbook drawings made at the animal sanctuaries I volunteer for. They embody directness and economy of line, mixing the sensitivity of the gesture drawing with bold, simple color and texture that is applied with pantone film overlays or digital media. Unlike the shocking images we often see associated with animal cruelty, I made the decision to focus on the positive outcomes of animals when they are afforded care. Each piece has a backside with the title and a little quote or story about the image. They are made to be shared, interacted with and portable. The fit-in-your hand size is purposeful in provoking a feeling of intimacy. I have approached the animal art genre from a unique place by using this small format, solid observational drawing, restrained color use and simple storytelling. I focus on mixed breeds, shelter and even injured animals. Subjects not typically represented. (Blind dogs are beautiful too, but we don’t see them on wrapping paper). In a genre where it can be too easy to be cheesy. These go deeper.

Some of the pieces will be reproduced at high quality and left in appropriate public spaces for individuals to take. I am incredibly passionate about this series and am donating the proceeds. In an art world filled with feigned angst and overly contrived ploys to be different, this is a project about simple kindness. Made of study, idealism and love to raise awareness for no-kill animal sanctuaries. It is to be an ongoing series of small collections consisting of 9 pieces each for a total of 54. I have 18 completed and I am looking for potential distributors for these now.


Color Studies in Sacred Geometry. Key of Red-Orange.

I used these as studies for underlying grid structures and and color keying for other works, but people have liked these so much they have requested them. I may have them made with a special silkscreen process utilizing under-colors and open touches, they are more complex than they look and in person they actually shimmer:)

Color study for "SpaceBot" drawing, 28x22. This is one of many drawings in a series I started based on nothing, but evolved into a kinda "what will happen to our world, evolutionary speaking, when all the cheap plastic crap from Walmart gets integrated with living creatures? I call them "FleshBots" and have ambitions to build them out of latex rubber combined with parts of toys. A friend of mine says, "they are so sexual"...I was going for meaty, fleshy, strangeness, but after my friend's comment, the latex seems even more

I've been playing for a while with aggressive, oppressive dog images. I haven't finished anything to my satisfaction with it yet, but the motif (if not the mastiff) keeps showing up:) I think it is because I have a dog who is fear aggressive and I have learned much about aggression in dogs...and humans... from her. Also, Winston Churchill referred to his depression as "The Black Dog" and having been chased by this beast most of my life I think I am merely trying to understand it...or make peace with it or something like that. The above pieces are in marker and monoprint.

Gauche study on Amata paper in San Miguel Mexico. I like the study, but I wouldn't recommend working on this material...really delicate and absorbent, but also cheap and plentiful in the markets there.


Feminine Divine.

This loose acrylic painting is just for fun...a hankering for an afternoon or two of unintellectual adventure novel:)
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