Rebekah Higgins Contemporary Sacred Artist

Image Use Policy

Prices and image use policy:

"I thought we were living in a praise-based economy; what's all this money stuff about? I want in." --Katleen Hudspeth

Right now I am only selling prints. Originals are being created for use in a public sacred space. Limited edition prints are created only a fixed number of times through various printing processes including, silkscreen, lithography, itaglio or digital means and are either directly made by the artist or a master printer in concert with the artist. They are made with archival inks and carefully selected choice archival papers. They are signed and certified. Sometimes they are hand altered after printing. They are both expensive in terms of time and cost to produce. All prices in USD.

What can you expect to pay? Prices vary based on printing processes and edition numbers...the finished works on this site and many others not shown range from $200 (the smallest sizes and largest editions) to $7000 (medium to large scale and very few editions).

I have some signed open edition prints that are very affordable and range from $45–300.

The Animal Card packs "Shelter Babies and Former Street Kids" are $15 each for a pack of 9 and all proceeds are going to animal rescue.

I don't have an online store. I would do everything via letter writing and personal visits if I could:) I prefer, but don't require that work be seen in person before purchase. The web doesn't do more subtle print work justice and things look different in person. I want you to be happy and I want to know you, so please contact me about anything you like.

For many of us with limited funds; I am working on a book and another site with works that can be purchased via creative commons copyright that are not limited and will be highly affordable…but alas, you will have to wait a bit.

Image Use Policy
Easy breazy. If you want to use something, write and ask. If it is not for commericial use, depending on what it is, I will probably say yes, just don't alter it and for Pete's sake don't clip my name off of it (how rude) and please provide a credit. If it is for a commercial use I will ask for a fee. I may take a couple of days to write you back as I am not online that much these days.

The elaborate version: These here works are copyright protected and embedded with a tracking code, meaning you might want to refrain from copying and pasting my work and using it without my permission.  Yes, I know copyright is a dinasour of a system, but I do think it is OK for me to ask folks to pay their art bill. Don't get me wrong I'm happy you like my work and want you to share it. I just ask that you don't use it like it's your own in your websites, flyers or promotional material and that if you share it you provide a credit and a link back to my site. Help me promote it so I can make more...after all I work hard, it is nice work and it's helping good things happen. Be patient with me. I am on a learning curve to figure out the best way to do this.

Please always provide a credit when you use any artists' work.

"The Parable of the Hose." The YMCA across the street from me have been hooking their hose up to my house without asking every summer. As innocuous as that sounds, it runs up my water bill and even if it didn't, it is simply bloody rude. Just ‘cause it’s out there and visible doesn’t mean it’s for public use. I'm sure the dude didn't think of it as um...stealing or anything, the spigot was just like there and really convenient being at the front of my house and all. Well, one fine day he forgot and left the hose attached to my spigot when I got home...and I finally had PROOF. Funnily enough if he had just asked me, I probably would have let him, because I like what they do in the community and everyone would have had a warm, fuzzy hug...but instead he chose to sneak about and steal from me and I got really pissed, I mean PISSED, like I wanted him FIRED pissed, wanted them to PAY pissed. I made myself pray for days before going over there. When I finally went over I was able kindly asked the manager to please explain to the employee that, while I didn't want him in any trouble, what he was doing was stealing from me, a very real person just like him. He wasn't taking the water from the house, but from a person.

I think one can understand the parable here, but just in case…Someone using your work without permission is the same as having someone just hook up their hose to your spigot. it is absolutely not OK with me for anyone to help themselves to my images, it is not simply taking an image from a webpage, but from me...a real person. In the big picture I can't stop anyone from doing it to me or anyone else, but it would be a better and happier situation for everyone to just ask me and then work something out or go to a site where it is explicitly stated that you can use their images, there are many. 


As a teacher and artist I despise intellectual theft and plagiarism, for many, many reasons. Somehow I am still just delusional enough to believe that humans are better and more capable than they think they are and they can be decent enough to ask to use someone's images...or faucet. Thank you in advance for being an honorable one. I know that if someone wants to copy my stuff they will, but they should know the instant my images are pasted into their files their genitals will burst into flames. Don’t believe me…go ahead try it:)
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