Rebekah Higgins Contemporary Sacred Artist
Thanks for listening. Just one more thing...I use a coaching and healing technique that incorporates Emotional Freedom Technique, Tapas Acupressure Technique and Z-point for artists experiencing blocks or to help with anxieties about presenting work and for people experiencing behavior problems with their animals. I also do practice a form of healing work I would call eclectic shamanism for other issues. This is a labor of love and I do this for a few people at a time largely for free, with some rules and within reason. All coaching is done over the phone. I unfortunately can not do this work with current students. The basics of EFT, TAT and Z-point are available on line for free and they are easy, easy, easy, please do some searches and learn the basics first to see if it something you like before contacting me for coaching. Thanks.

I am being fiercely protective of my time, so with very few exceptions, I no longer take new design clients, see "About the Artist". If you would like to purchase any images seen in the gallery, or if you are interested in design consulting or artist's coaching, please contact or use the form below. I also have a new artists' fan page on facebook at and you can like and then message me there if you want to talk or post about anything mentioned in my site or interviews.

Disclosure statement: As I work multiple gigs, am on a destiny path to give away 50% of my income and need to be working my ass off to make and promote art to make that happen. My time is made more effective by focusing on e-mail communications with image-use requests, supporters, close friends and serious buyers. I need to be honest and tell you that if you are not one of these things I may take a long time or never to get back to you. If you are able to purchase or donate I am happy to talk to you or even make arrangements for you to visit my studio/home in Philadelphia to see the actual works shown here and others not shown to the public...the beautiful paper is not conveyed via a website. Thanks:)

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(Current Students: Please only contact me by the e-mail provided on your syllabus. If you contact me via my personal e-mail I will not reply. Thanks)
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