Rebekah Higgins Contemporary Sacred Artist
Rebekah is the youngest of eight children born of Scottish immigrants. She is a first generation American, being the first in her family to be born in the states. Born of an engineer father and an artist mother she is equal parts analysis, intuition and conflict.

She has always been an artist, teacher and healer.

She completed her formal studies at Pratt Institute, has taught as several Philadelphia art schools and is currently a full time faculty member at Community College of Philadelphia.

Rebekah’s thoughts…
I have assembled a smattering of professional graphic design, illustration projects and personal works. I believe an artist sets out on her career with a desire to know everything, impossible of course, but we try. It is a drive for learning and unfamiliar turf that makes us do what we do, like staying up all night or digging in the trash in a really bad neighborhood for that perfect thing to photograph.

Working as a graphic designer utilized all of of my skills, from 3-D design in package building or in custom Christmas cards built out of a company’s trademark Bainbridge board, to drawing, to understanding commercial printing and the web medium, to a love for words and anything else you can think of. And while I appreciated this mad but rewarding career, I eventually realized that I love design, but disliked most clients. Yes, I just said that! I can say that as I am not soliciting for clients nor will I ever again. I gave up my clients and now I do my own work as a graphic design influenced fine artist. I sell prints and original works sometimes, I work on projects that I wish to take to market and occasionally, very occasionally I take on client based graphic design or illustration project if it is something I really want to do and/or something I haven’t done before and the client is quirky and cool to work with, pays well and is willing to go through a real process of concept development. Concept development...or lack what determines whether something is a polished turd, a brownie or a delicious chocolate tort despite the fact that they are all essentially brown. A good client understands this. A good client removes obstacles and provides information and feedback that enables a designer to create something better than they could create on their own. This is a rare relationship and the only one I will work with. It is a nice place to be in life:)

My most recent projects have been typographic illustrations utilizing hand drawn Spencerian letter forms and then finalizing them with digital tools. They are intentionally irregular with letters hand altered so no two are exactly the same. While as a designer I have salivated over the clean refinement of digital work environments I also love drawing and the tactile feel of traditional mediums. While an artist never loses their eye on the computer, sometimes they lose their hand. It has been an ever evolving process for me to marry my hand skills and my computer geekdom.


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