Rebekah Higgins Contemporary Sacred Artist

Artist’s Statement

I am a mixed-media visionary artist who studies plants, animals, human figures, mythologies, archetypes, mysticism, shamanism, sacred geometry and expressive and classical drawing to create sincere and poignantly whimsical works that both depict and elicit transformation. My work with plants and what, for now, I'll call eclectic shamanism has profoundly affected my work and life. My personal explorations into the nature of consciousness have led to understanding the deeper responsibilities that come with an increased sensitivity to connectedness. I have realized that my life no longer belongs to just me anymore — that it never did — and this knowing has started to make me very, very brave. 

My works are typically created as part of a series, connected to my previous work, but not driven by it. I work in graphite, charcoal, ink, oil, acrylic, gauche, digital, typography, collage, various printmaking methods… whatever works best for what I want to accomplish. Almost all of my work contains the visible evidence of drawing, I play flat shapes against volumes and when color is used, strong intentional palettes are often keyed using a sacred geometric color system.

At the moment, I am focusing on a return to basic, simple tools in my work, graphite, tinted graphite, and a fountain pen. I am making many drawings as personal meditations with the purpose of becoming “stations of meditation”with an eclectic spirituality and no direct narrative. These drawings will culminate into limited-edition hand-pulled prints in collaboration with a master lithographer. The imagery emerges from my study of creation and afterlife mythologies, shamanism and dreams. I am using an underlying structural grid based on the golden section and dynamic symmetry. I place simple geometric volumes and utilize a variety of ideation practices. While the basic compositions are planned, whatever else happens is not. My life experience has led me to conclude, for now, that none of us knows that much about none of it. I have decided to enjoy exploring this not knowing and the paradox that everything is simultaneously unique and also one thing. What is emerging are imaginative alternate realities where animals, spirits, people, machines and energy beings become each other.

Rebekah is the youngest of eight children born of Scottish immigrants. She is a first generation American, being the first in her family to be born in the states. Born of an engineer father and an artist mother she is equal parts analysis, intuition and conflict.

She has always been an artist, teacher and healer.

She makes large-scale limited edition prints of hand drawn type, imaginative realities and various types of hand held sized ACEO's (artists' cards, editions and originals). She is a professor of art and design, a healer and consciousness researcher. Her favorite place to be is where these areas come together to party.

She completed her formal studies at Pratt Institute, has taught as several Philadelphia art schools and is currently a full-time professor.

I have the ambition to ultimately put 50% of all of my income into community. I am not able to do it yet, but am taking big steps towards that goal. I would like to make a religious order dedicated to consciousness research, healing, art making, innovative design and creative processes. I would like to support the research and use of plant medicines. I want to start a non-for-profit art and design center dedicated to the human spirit and beautifying, inspiring and solving problems on micro and macro levels. I want to help animals and be a better steward of the universe. I want to keep healing. I want to make God proud. And I am inviting in the finances and community resources to make it all happen.

Let me confess...I haven't always seen the Buddha in everyone, especially when looking for a parking spot. I have a pretty little house and I like raucous parties, oysters, and choice wine. I can be greedy, petty, jealous, hypocritical and guarded. I have not been above pimping myself. I think being an artist requires both nobility and selfishness. Then why am I trying to do what I know my father would think is crazy talk? Well, I seem to just be getting over that head-stuck-up-ass virus that’s been going around and experiencing an ongoing acceleration of deprogramming from the cult-ure. The system we live in is unsustainable...not just in terms of physical resources which everyone reading this is aware of, but also unsustainable for emotional, intellectual and spiritual health...and we are asked to "pay no attention to the man behind the curtain." Pretend and pretend and pretend then just go eat something. The pursuit of more without higher purpose is not OK, it is exploitation, we are going to implode on our fucking selves...I want to stop pretending and do something differently. Anything. Something. Now. I have never been a political animal and I don't have it to get behind everything I want to. It takes me forever to write (right about now I wish I had taken the required girls’ typing class rather than having staged a protest to get into woodshop) and I can’t sing a note. I am just an artist and what I can do is make art more purposefully, invite in others who wish to do the same and send the rest of the world a “Get Well Soon” card. Once you take the red pill there's no going back...apparently, I was drunk and took two.

We are all better able to do our jobs when we can focus on the work without being invested in the outcome and yet as a culture we are constantly forced to focus on the um...outcome. Crazy right? I'm not saying don't produce anything. I mean be completely invested in DOING the work, success or failure be damned. There are countless studies showing that working directly for incentive, grades, money, reward etc kills creativity. It is the roach motel for higher-level problem solving.

Things started accelerating for me personally when rather than waiting for permission to be an artist, for someone to pay me to be an artist, for me to have the time to be an artist or be well enough to be an artist, I simply decided to BE AN ARTIST.

I also know in order to do bigger things artists need to ask people to pay their art bill, and it needs to become more natural.

I am ready. I am looking for ways to finance a short leave of absence from my job to finish two series completely and set the next goals in motion. Awesomeness requires community and support. I cannot believe it has taken me until my 40’s to understand that! I am applying for grants and finding individuals and foundations that recognize that art is important enough to support financially and to make art that is worthy of that funding.

Dependence, independence...interdependence. I might just be a grown up.


I don’t know how it’s all going to happen yet, as I work 2 gigs and am always continuing my studies, but I want to sail it on out there. In the meantime, please consider paying your art bill. All the eye candy and transformative visions out there are made by a someone. I know it's all modern and free thinker like to want art and intellectual property to be available to the public for nothing. It's a great ideal to do away with the monetary system, but most artists are not Disney or Microsoft. If you need to stick it to someone, stick it to the MAN, not the peeps. Feed your artists. So until the day actually comes when we are living in praise-based economy, your comments and credits are always welcomed but artists...need your money. We need to be funded as much as possible outside of or on the fringes of our current BS system, so we can make work with integrity in place of or at least in addition to art for selling soft drinks. The way to do that is through individual private collectors, donors and sponsors. No other profession is expected to give everything away for free. You pay your plumber, lawyer, mechanics, porn sites, waiter, internet provider… you get it. If you see an artist’s work that you like or if you share it please provide a credit and a link to their site and consider finding a way to “tip the artist." They need it as much as your bartender, actually they probably are your bartender.


Casting my bread on the waters and expecting to get a sandwich back. Cheers.


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