Rebekah Higgins Contemporary Sacred Artist
Hello, this was my fun personal website and not my artists/authors page and it has not been updated in a while. I am migrating and rebuilding everything on my arts page, so thank you for your patience.

There are still some fun things here and some nice drawings in the gallery if you wish to look and the contact info is here also. See you on the other side :)

Not to fear kids. This is what your 40's look like.
After turning 40--thanks for the subtitle Gloria Steinem-- I realize that I have done a few things. A partnership, a divorce, smoking, quitting, graphic design, drugs, fitness, fatness, illustration, atheism, agnosticism, fine art, deep depressions, joyful acceptance, programming, materialism, renunciation, mindfulness, out-of-my-mind, sales, smoking, quitting, yoga, teaching, consulting, house painting, rehabbing houses, landlording, travel, cooking, loads of vodka, loads of water, making gardens, killing house plants, smoking, quitting, cats, dogs, profound loves and tawdry encounters. Some of it pretty good, some pretty awful. I have enjoyed the ride thus far and am in the process of surrendering all pretense and unneeded baggage. In honor of that process this web site is simple. Check back to the works section as I will change this often.

Thanks for looking.

Listen to an interview with visionary artist Rebekah Higgins Part of the “Philadelphia Live Arts Festival & Philly Fringe, Featured artist on Live Your Peace" The interview is about 1/2 hour.

I am:
  • a visionary artist
  • a professor of art and design
  • a mythologist
  • a consultant
  • following an eclectic spiritual calling including a shamanic medicine path
  • a traveler and entrepreneur
  • an interfaith minister
  • a healer and coach
  • an expert on influence, hypnosis and cultic studies
  • a volunteer
I make and sell:
  • limited edition prints and originals
  • ACEOs (Artist's Cards Editions and Originals, small affordable prints measuring 2.5"x3.5").
  • lectures about art, spirit, technology, teaching, and healing.
  • my own pickles and mayonnaise. (OK, These are free in my kitchen, but not for long)
Among many other things, I have been:
  • a graphic designer and illustrator
  • a landlady and a restorer of historic houses
  • a trainer of humans
    ...and dogs
  • a manager of a drive-in movie theater
  • a house painter
  • a house cleaner
  • a fry cook...
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